a subtle tease from a business lady – what happens if she takes her stilettos off in public ? is this a secret code

is this some kind of secret code, it often occurs to me that im hanging arround in the park during lunch time, especially one one of those winter days and i do encouter mid aged ladies with pretty stiletto pumps. they grab the back of their stiletto and pull it off to tease me a bit of their toes and feet. however this tease is to subtle to really move on them, and im a shy guy but i noticed this more often lately. id admire to lick their toes and feel the grip of the pantyhose . gosh id die to lick this womens beautiful legs, feet sole and the tip of her sharp stiletto. once i had a girlfriend that allowed me to put the stiletto inside her vagina but this is years ago and i never found a women that would do that for me. i admired watching her as she was taking of the shoe to play with it

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