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the masseuse still has her clothes on but after a short introduction she tells her customer that its better if both are nakedmassage1

Abby cross seems to be unsecure , she never was together in the same room with another naked female but still keeps curious about what is to come in this massage therapy, shes laying on the table. of course she knows every trick in the book, its easy to make another girl wet while just massaging her toes and feet soft and slow. most guys even dont notices this but a girl just knows


now only after 2 Minutes she is facesitting on Abbys Face and rubbing her vagina to ejaculate her juices all over her customers face. this wasnt expected but she keeps telling her customer that this is a very great method against daystress. she would like to put her feet on her face too but its just the beginning, now the reward starts and Abby Cross shows herself that shes a girl that can squirt too. what a great wet feet massage therapy 15xqm9
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special armless foot and leg wank massage given by beautiful japanese gaisha

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Rio Kamioto, a 22 years old japanese casual office girl has teached herself some skills that go far over those required from a brave secretary. after her regular work is done she often dates older japanese or western man for giving a special kind leg and foot massage. barely seen in asia shes a beauty with sexy long legs and she can wear nylons without looking silly. a usual treatment is started with a passive leg wank where she takes her customers piece in the middle of her thigh. this is a cum denial technique especially good for males how intend to have an uncontrollable desire of jerking off. she can do this for 15-20 minutes softly rubbing from one leg to another.

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a man can enjoy this especially because he can watch at her beautiful asian vagina wich isnt shaved. so watching her sooner or later leads to the next practise of foot wanking. here she will pull up again some stockings and stimulate her lover or customer with her feets only, sometimes with her toes. pushing up and down the foreskin . some might want to come on her beautiful toes but if your able to get over that you might be the lucky winner

subtle penetration

and get the full package. beeing on all fours and now horny of all those massage she allows customers where she feels a slight sympathie to penetrate her but only very slow and subtle. well all this asian feet crazyness can be watched on legs japan

bad doctor is abusing a cute college girl with a broken leg and ends up licking toes and pussy

broken leg examination

this happens like every day in every hospital on the world. a young doctor just having finished his studies falls into a young patient like this young college beauty. her legs is wrapped up and she rolls in with a wheel chair unable to walk on her own feet, she had an accident doing yoga and her legs and feets  hurts terrible. but the angel in the white dress is here to invade not only her heart but also to fuck the pain away. especially this md specialisezd in toes and legs. the first examinations shows a faulty gripping due to the flip flops shes wearing. time to cure that with a long kiss on the top of her toe .sucking on her big chunk the innocent british exchange student gets warmed up quick and allows him to do whatever is necessary to start that treatment. no guarante there will not be a little pain involed1285dr

but first this chap in surgery dress pulls down her panties to examine the rest of this blonde puppyfat sweetheart time to dive his nose right in between her wom attacking her cut shaved slit. shes wrapping her feet arround doctors head to confirm that this is massage that shes really into.toe licking

now that shes so confident that this sport accident will be treated well she also wrapps her toes arround his penis and pulls the foreskin down and up. she puts her legs into the air like a 16 years old ballerina to signal the doctor that its time for seriousment penetration treating. after all this feety foreplay shes so wet that she wants it like a little dog. her legs are bound to the surgery table and the doctor is ramming is small doctor deep inside her treatment

young unexperienced beauty angela putting her legs up in the air to avoid pain during penetration

young girl puts legs in the air

angela is a young unexperienced beauty, she never made love so hard and wild like with this guy and becuase its her first instinct shes opening up her legs wide and puts them up in the air. so she feels her friend closer and avoids him coliding with her pelvis floor. as you can see on this great animation her girlfriends helps her because after a couple of minutes this position becomes straining.

lucky guy destroying mommys panthose and enjoying a toe wank

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what a filthy perv jack is, just 19 years old he got stimulated by seeing his moms pantyhose and her beautiful long legs wrapped in those dark nylons. so no wonder he was allways on the hunt for older ladies and he found his big love on a dark hidden feet fetish forum. during his first date he didnt wait long to destroy this moms pantyhose and put his tongue in between that waiting wet fruit to lick out all the juices he could get from that cute old lady.
then she teached him something new giving him a nice armless foot wank massage with her beautiful feets and jerking off his foreskin slowly by enhancing the friction on his stick with her dark pants. it didnt take too long until he lost control and cam between her legs without having touched her pussy. but that was only the first load, then things need to become harder.
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abigail is 24 and a london arts student. wearing magenta heels and nearly transparent nylons those are the most delicous legs ive spotted this week so far on a galleries site. her pantyhose is going up to her belly wich enhances the lenght of her beautiful skinny legs. hm id would give anything to wrap those arround me . she can be a real demanding girl and its not easy to date her, but when you got her heart broken shes turns into a real filthy slut with some faible for soft bdsm plays
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