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german girl anna with gigantic legs stripping in a majestetic hotel room

giant legs
well boy, german girl are known for their sometimes occuring giant proportions, dating back from the age of wikings, the genes of some german girls just make those cuties grow high and high. like anna, a super cute german amateur model that was posing here . shes stretching her legs and feets and she feels comfortable on that couch nude. super sexy feets

she measures nearly 7 feet, or at least 6 and a half feet and some guys would sell their house to be able to face dive between those legs or be facesitten by that beautiful long bitch. at school she was trying it in athletics class but failed cause running is not her most favorite occuption, she prefers staying at home watching tv series and preparing sushi for her girlfriendslegs and bush

being a real natural nude sweetheart of course she does trim her lil flower , the hairy triangle of that superlegged model just tops things. you can see her full striptease at tease-x