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only a skin colored pantyhose is covering her crotch

only a skin colored pantyhose is covering her crotch
pantyhose covering crotch
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erena, aged 29 years and working as a full time marketing assistant had a hard day in the office, she needs a couple of minutes to relax her feet and massage her toes. she would prefer if a nice guy would do this for her but she has no boyfriend those days. she just works to hard and barely finds time. so she has to massage her sexy feet herself

bad doctor is abusing a cute college girl with a broken leg and ends up licking toes and pussy

broken leg examination

this happens like every day in every hospital on the world. a young doctor just having finished his studies falls into a young patient like this young college beauty. her legs is wrapped up and she rolls in with a wheel chair unable to walk on her own feet, she had an accident doing yoga and her legs and feets  hurts terrible. but the angel in the white dress is here to invade not only her heart but also to fuck the pain away. especially this md specialisezd in toes and legs. the first examinations shows a faulty gripping due to the flip flops shes wearing. time to cure that with a long kiss on the top of her toe .sucking on her big chunk the innocent british exchange student gets warmed up quick and allows him to do whatever is necessary to start that treatment. no guarante there will not be a little pain involed1285dr

but first this chap in surgery dress pulls down her panties to examine the rest of this blonde puppyfat sweetheart time to dive his nose right in between her wom attacking her cut shaved slit. shes wrapping her feet arround doctors head to confirm that this is massage that shes really into.toe licking

now that shes so confident that this sport accident will be treated well she also wrapps her toes arround his penis and pulls the foreskin down and up. she puts her legs into the air like a 16 years old ballerina to signal the doctor that its time for seriousment penetration treating. after all this feety foreplay shes so wet that she wants it like a little dog. her legs are bound to the surgery table and the doctor is ramming is small doctor deep inside her vagina.final treatment