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welcome to the world of beautiful legs and girls we start with alexis brills longe tall shaved legs

i think there are not enough photoblogs with really beautiful long legged girls on this planet. wherever i go i find ugly fake breasts, perverted stuff but not what im mostly searching, just long and sexy legs. as a small guy im getting weak whenever i discover a tall beauty and tall girls really dont have it easy. lots of guys are afraid of them and small girls are getting hooked up much quicker then the tall ones. so dont wonder that those tall beauties, once the ice is broken, can be really eager hotties trying to pickup what they missed.
its just my secret, i allways have much easier and adventures with long tall beauties and the most of them dont even mind that im a smaller guy , it doesnt really matter especially when im lying on them .
i had lots of long legged beauties in my bedroom and also had lots of sex with them. what really is a nogo is long legged sweethearts without having their legs shaved.
tall girl with beautifull legs